Toddlers (until potty trained): $7.50/hr.  Potty trained preschoolers: $7/hr.  You pick your times and this becomes your weekly tuition (no discount for days your child is sick or absent). Parents must reserve a minimum of 7 hours for a day.   Unfortunately we do not offer a sibling discount.

Other Fees: Before starting at Love and Laughter, parents are required to pay a $20 registration fee and an annual $25 art/materials fee.

Payment is due by Friday at 4:45 pm, or Thursday’s by 4 if using Venmo or Cash App.  If your balance is not paid in full on-time, a $20 late payment fee will be added to your balance. You may set up to pay every week, every other week, or prepay for the month if that works better for you.

Late Pick-up

A $5 late fee will be added to your total if you arrive 1-15 min past your pick up time.  If you arrive 16-30 min past it’s $10.  If you’d like to discuss something, or chat with a staff member, please arrive early, so that staff can be on their way at 4:45pm. They often have places they need to be after work. If you will be running late, please check to be sure a staff member can stay late, otherwise arrange for a friend or family member to pick up your child. PLEASE do your best to arrive on-time.