Welcome to Love and Laughter Preschool

and Licensed Child Care! We are currently closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Family means everything to us.  I have my mom next door, and mother-in- law 10 minutes away. I decided to close my school to keep them safe. My children visit my mom everyday. She also has a compromised immune system. We see my mother-in-law every few days. I didn’t want to do anything that would keep us from seeing them during the pandemic and since my husband works from home and my kids are homeschooled, we’ve been able to stay home to keep them safe.  If you want to check our status you can email ([email protected]. ).

~If you’re looking for a well made face mask, I CAN help with that! I decided to start sewing masks to keep myself busy and help others stay safe. After it was clear that I wouldn’t be opening and after donating hundreds of masks, I decided to open an Etsy store to sell them (etsy.com/shop/JennysMaskStudio) . Everyone in my family (and thousands of others) have loved these masks. Hopefully someday I’ll be caring for children in my home again, but until then I’ll be taking care of my family, quilting and mask making!

Take care and stay safe! ~Jenny